Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2011

Once I had a father…

Last Wednesday, my mother talked to me regarding the condition of my father.  She was so worried about the changes that are happening to my father. 

My father, who is now 68 yo is experiencing difficulty in walking, talking, and completing simple tasks. My brother in-law suggested we see a neurologist.  The next day, I accompanied my parents to Makati Med.  The hospital recommended 2 neurologists.  We went to see the first doctor. 

Consultation alone is Php 1,500.  Other Neurologists in the hospital charges Php 800 – 1,000.  This doctor must be good, I told myself.  After telling the doctor my father’s complaint and after some diagnosis, the doctor drops THE BOMB.  She said, “I think its PARKINSON.  It’s not full blown but the symptoms are there.  I want to make sure.  I need an MRI to be able to tell you exactly what is happening to your father.”

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) cost Php 9,000 in Makati Med. That is too much for a couple who is retired and doesn’t have much income. Now I know why God helped me to get the top bonus for the month of September. He has a reason.  MRI was immediately scheduled for my father that afternoon.  Results will be given the next day.
My mother is not aware what PARKINSON is and how bad it is.  I do not want to tell her.  

My father is a jolly and active person. He is very industrious. He is our all around man.  He can cook, baby sit, plumber, carpenter, mechanic, and others. At his age, he can still do the grocery, marketing and other stuffs. You won’t see him just sitting around doing nothing. Sometimes, my family is getting annoyed because there are times the he will try to fix something that is not broken just so he has something to fix. That is my father.  I love him in spite of his kakulitan.  
I may not be his favorite daughter but I know he loved me more than he loves himself. I know that because I am his daughter.  To see my father slowly deteriorating because of an unknown sickness makes me cry.  Not now, not yet.  I still haven’t given him what I want him to experience.  A plane ride, a long vacation somewhere.  Shallow as it may seem, that is still my dream.  I have taken my parents for a vacation 2 or 3 days in a beach or resort but most of the times, those trips are short.  I will never be who I am now if it wasn’t for him. He and my mom sacrificed a lot just to raise us the best way they can.  He is not a perfect father but he is THE BEST FATHER and I WILL NEVER TRADE HIM FOR ANY OTHER FATHER. 

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