Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2011

God works in mysterious way

On my last blog, I mentioned that the doctor’s  prognosis for my father’s health problem is Parkinson.  Today is the day!  My parents will go back for the result of the MRI.  I did not come with them.

Today is Friday.  My weekly ritual of going to Quiapo church.  I started this since June when our LOB came up with a new APSP.  Ever since, I never missed to come and say a little prayer every Friday in the church most popularly known as “QUIAPO church”.   Quiapo church is officially known as Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. It is home to the 17th century life-sized image of the Black Nazarene.    People on all walks of life come here to pray to the Black Nazarene.  Many experienced the miraculous healings and answered prayers of the Lord of the Black Nazarene.  I am one of them.

After having our breakfast, my husband and I went to Quiapo.  Unlike any devotee, I do not say the novena, pray the rosary or even hear mass.  I say my own little prayer.  Simple and short.  Sometimes my husband will question why I need to go too far away churches where travel time is longer than my prayer time.  He just can’t understand.

The moment I arrived in the church, I say my little prayer.  I always begin my prayer with a thank you for all His blessings, followed by asking for forgiveness for any wrong doings (which I know I always have). Last is asking for my petition.
I know what I want today, I badly needed it.  My God never failed me.  NEVER!  Asking for something you dearly want is not easy.  You need to surrender something or promised Him something. 

For my father’s health,  I will give anything.  I asked God, “Lord, you never failed me when I needed you most.  Today, I offer you something.  I will give up something that is very hard for me to give up. In return, please make my papa’s MRI result not as worse as the doctor says it will.  Not Parkinson, not Alzheimer, not even cancer or even disease that will take his sanity.”
I know since yesterday, my whole family is already praying for the health of my father.  I do not know if God granted my prayer or my mom’s or my other family members.  One thing I know, God works in mysterious ways.  My father is now free from Parkinson or Alzheimer.  Doctor says that MRI showed nothing that serious but my father will be under observation. 
I thanked God!  He made me realized how important my father is to me.  I will never take my father for granted.

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